Aqua Training Bags 15″ – Multiple Colors – 75lbs

15″ Aqua Bag. 75lbs in Multiple Colours.

$ 160.81

  • CAD: $ 219.99

Want to turn up your fitness with a full-body workout? You’re in the right place. The only other things you’ll need with this fitness boxing bag are a great place to hang it and your willingness to pack powerful boxing fitness routines. Hang your 75lbs. Fitness Boxing Bag in your home gym, basement, outdoors, or all of the above. Weighing only 75 pounds when filled with water, it is easy to hang and easy to move from place to place if you would need to.


Bad Boy Blue, Black Eye, Blood Red, Cinco de Mayo, Fireball Orange, Haymaker Black, Power Punch Pink, Purple Crush


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