Elastic Handwraps -Pink

Elastic Handwraps

$ 25.41

  • CAD: $ 35.00

SKU #: HW4

Available size: 180 inches
Material: Nylon 75%, Rubber 20%, Polyester 5%

Our professional hand wrap is made of 20% rubber that offers more flexibility when compared with traditional wraps
The wrap can be stretched out and fit with any individual hand shape and firmly enhance wrist support
Due to the wide ventilated holes with a mixture of polyester and rubber, our premium hand wrap is highly stable and can restore its original shape after regular use and cleaning through a long period of time
This hand wrap is suitable for many types of sports, such as Muay Thai, fitness, cardio training, etc., and purposes of hand and wrist protection

Sold in Pairs

Available in Black or Pink.


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