Everlast Mini Resistance Bands – 3 Pack

3 Pack Mini Resistance Bands

$ 14.61

  • CAD: $ 19.99


VERSATILE TOOL – Looking to take your lower body muscle-building to the next level? When standard squats and leg extensions are becoming too mundane, integrate these lateral resistance bands into your warm-ups, recovery and muscle activation sessions.
ENGAGES MUSCLES – Don’t be fooled by the simple construction; these lightweight bands increase strength and stability by engaging the leg, thigh and buttocks muscles for an intense workout.
DURABLE CONSTRUCTION – Made with durable natural latex rubber, the bands’ dynamic design provides the optimal comfort and control as you activate and build strength in every muscle group.
LIGHTWEIGHT – Can’t make it to the gym or home for your workout? Bring these portable bands in your bag to the office for your lower body workout. Band dimensions: 10″ (25.4cm) x 2″ (5.08cm)
SET OF THREE – From beginners to experts, the bands in this set are able o caters to all different levels of strength. Choose your level of intensity with the light, medium and heavy bands.


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