Fairtex BGV25 F Day 2 Limited Edition Gloves

$ 130.75

  • CAD: $ 179.00

Made of premium microfiber leather which is odorless, very long-lasting, and vegan friendly.
Maximum hand and wrist protection
Locked thumb included
Free packaging and premiums;  tactical scarf

The best-selling military series gloves of Fairtex are made of Micro Fiber which is odorless material, very long-lasting, and vegan friendly. The blend of daily training gloves and sparring gloves features a long handcuff to better protect the wrist and more stuffing on the palm transferred from BGV6 Fairtex famous sparring gloves. Full locked thumb to prevent finger dislocation and grip bar available to help to form a fist firmly.


10 oz, 12 oz, 14 oz, 16 oz, 8 oz


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