Wall Pad / Uppercut Station

$ 326.74

  • CAD: $ 449.99

Designed to mimic realistic punching angles, this amazing piece of equipment offers a wide range of training options for anyone from professional, to intermediate to amateur boxers.

Made of durable microfibre PU with firm EVA padding inside, the Rival Punch Wall’s unique shape allows you to practice any punch style, including the uppercut, while also reinforcing correct movements. The sewn-on patches act as predetermined targets to help guide your punches and encourage variety.

Compact and easy to install, the solid metal frame with eight screw holes ensures secure mounting on almost any wall surface.


  • Unique Shape Mimics Realistic Punching Angles
  • Durable Microfibre PU Exterior
  • Predetermined Target Indicator Patches
  • Firm EVA Foam Padding
  • Solid Metal Frame
  • Wooden Back Panel With Protective Felt Covering
  • 8 Screw Holes for Secure Mounting
  • Mounting Hardware for Brick or Cement Included
  • Easily Installs on Most Walls
  • Printed Rival Graphics
  • Silicone Rival Patch


Width at Widest Point:
17.5″ (44.45cm)

Height at Tallest Point:
33″ (83.82cm)

Depth at Thickest Point:
14″ (35.56cm)


This product is NOT suitable for installation on walls with metal studs.

Please follow the installation instructions carefully. Incorrect mounting may result in personal injury and/or damaged walls.

Download the Installation Instructions →

Before hitting the punch wall with full force, assess the firmness of the foam using gentle punches in order to avoid injury.

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