Rival Power Paddles

Punch Paddles

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Complete your set of trainers tools with the Rival Power Paddles.

These medium-sized target paddles have been perfectly designed to combine both speed and accuracy. Perfect for every level of boxer from Fitness and beginner level to World Class professionals.

Made of ultra-resistant, high-quality materials both inside and out, the Rival Power Paddles have been designed and constructed to withstand the toughest workouts you can throw at them.

The high density punching surface is backed with a PVC internal rod which prevents the paddle from folding and gives it complete reinforcement for long-lasting durability. With padded, comfort grip handles, as well as a wrist loop strap, these Power Paddles will give you round after round of punching performance.


Made of High Resistant, Durable Microfibre;
High Density Punching Surface;
PVC Inside Rod for added reinforcement;
Soft Comfort Grip Handles;
Compact Wrist Loop Strap;
Printed and Embossed Rival Graphics.

Full Size: 7” x 13” x 2.75” (17.75cm x 33cm x 7cm);
Punching Surface: 7” x 7” (17.75cm x 17.75cm);
Handle Circumference: 5.25” (13.3cm).

Sold in Pairs


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