Rival RPM3 Air Punch Mitts

Air Punch Mitts

$ 125.62

  • CAD: $ 169.00

Super light, durable, an improved design, and made of our virtually indestructible Super Rich Microfiber, the Rival’s RPM3 with its Air Cushion System is the perfect tool for working with boxings heavy hitters.

Incorporating a new and unique hand compartment, this professional punch mitt not only affords you the protection you’re looking for, but the new Catchers Mitt grip with wider hand and thumb positioning increases the gloves stability like no other mitt on the market today. With breathable Mesh fabric and our soft, yet durable Nash palm lining, this glove comes in both left and right hands along with an added hook & loop wrist strap for even greater stability.


Handcrafted Using Super Rich Microfiber PU;
2.5″ of Thick Inner Foam Padding;
Built in Air Cushion System;
Inner Catchers Mitt Grip;
Breathable Mesh Finger Protector;
Nash Lined Inner Palm;
Hook & Loop Wrist Starp;
Specific Right and Left Handed Mitts;
Printed and Embossed Rival Graphics;
Rival Silicone Patch on the Wrist.

Dimensions (Punching Surface):

9″ x 9.5″ (22.85cm x 24.13cm)


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