Super Sparring Headguard

Sparring Headgear

$ 95.66

  • CAD: $ 129.00

SKU #: HG10

When it comes to sparring headgear, Fairtex makes some of the safest and most durable in the business. MMA headgear needs to not only protect you from injury, but also allow you the visibility you need. Fairtex headgear does both and looks great to boot. Even though this Fairtex headgear is very well padded and strong, it is still very lightweight and is never a burden to wear. Handcrafted in Thailand, this MMA headgear is used by professional fighters and recommended by trainers all around the world who take MMA and safety very seriously. If you are looking for headgear that is durable, strong, lightweight, and offers enough visibility to enable you to fight at your best, look no further.

Handmade in Thailand.
Durable Leather Construction.
Cheek and Chin Protection.
Good Visibility.


L, M, XL


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