Rival Extra Long Mexican Handwraps – 210″

210″ Stretch Handwraps

$ 8.76

  • CAD: $ 11.99

Our traditional, lightweight Mexican Handwraps you have come to know and trust now have an even more durable hook & loop attachment than ever before. These handwraps are made of a thin, soft fabric that makes it easy to run the wrap in between your fingers to achieve a fantastic fit. Add to that a slight stretch, and you have a wrap that allows for a perfect contour of your hand. Thinner than a traditional wrap, the Mexican Handwrap takes up less space in your glove, yet offers the high-level protection you are looking for.

50% Nylon, 50% Cotton
Durable Hook & Loop Attachment
Rival Branded Tag Sewn On
Wash separately in a wash bag

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